Jeepers Creepers

Meet Jeep, the newest edition to the Rawls-Croskey household.

Jeep in the back yard.

After months and months of begging and pleading on my part, Andrew finally caved and agreed that we could get a dog. He’s wanted one as badly as me, but he’d never admit it!

Last Thursday I pulled up the website for our local chapter of the Humane Society and started looking around at the dogs they had posted there. This is a masochistic habit that I’ve developed over the past few months. Somehow I convinced myself that looking at pictures of all of the dogs who needed to be adopted was far better than not having a dog at all. Then, it happened. Suddenly Andrew was peering over my shoulder at the website, asking what we would have to do to puppy-proof the house, what kind of breed I thought we should get, what we would do with the dog while we were both away at work–the whole nine yards.

Flash to the next day. Me + 8 hours of waiting for Andrew to get off work = a jittery, anxiety-filled Rebecca. The night before, we had both decided that Jeep sounded like the dog for us. He was two years old and already house trained, part Siberian Husky and part Australian Shepherd, and he sounded perfect. The site described him as a “wallflower” personality–the kind of dog who just needed a little TLC to help him come out of his shell. I just knew that Andrew and I were the ones to help him do that.

So off we went to the Humane Society: me desperately clutching the pre-adoption paperwork, Andrew trying to hide his smile. We had to face an interminable half hour more of waiting for a visitation room, and then, at last, it was time. The Humane Society has you write down a few names of the animals you’re interested in, and then the handlers bring each animal around to meet you so that you can get a feel for their personality. To my devastation, Jeep was already in a visit with a family. Would they want to adopt him? Would they get to him before we did?

The other dogs were lovely and sweet, but they weren’t quite the right fit for us. In my heart, I had already claimed Jeep as my own, and if someone got to him first, I would’ve been completely devastated. As luck (or fate) would have it, Jeep was the last dog we were able to see. No one had claimed him, so he was ours to love!

Jeep with his first bone.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled with him. He’s a wonderfully sweet, loving dog, who sticks to us like we’re the scratchy hook part of velcro and he’s the soft fuzzy side. On Sunday, we celebrated having him by taking him for his first walk:

Andrew and Jeep on Jeep's First Walk

We’ve already given him tons of toys and love. I’m so excited to have him in our life, and I can’t wait to share our adventures with you! I’ve already been reading about DIY dog toys and recipes for homemade dog treats. I’m looking forward to testing them out and passing them on to all of you. Until then, I’ll leave you with the most adorable face on the planet:


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