Full Disclosure and Grown Up Life Things

I’ll be the first to admit that I will never, ever win an award for world’s most consistent blogger. I mean, it’s been what? A month? Two? Since I last posted? But when I first started this project I decided that trying to hold myself to a clearly defined, strict writing schedule would take all of the fun out of everything. I’m pretty type-A when it comes to most things–definitely an overachieving, never-miss-a-deadline kind of gal–but since this project was centered around taking time for pleasure and enjoyment, playing a little fast and loose with the time frame for posts felt okay.

So what’s been happening in the last two months you may ask? A million things, really: I have become irrevocably addicted to Pinterest.com; Andrew is temporarily living in Seattle for an on-site position (through Spirit) at Boeing; I’ve started working for Shannan, who was once my trainer and is now my boss; Jeep has contracted some despicable virus/foreign body that we are finally, finally getting a grip on; and, dum da da dum, Andrew finally popped the question!

A few weeks ago, I went to see him up in Seattle. I had a sneaking suspicion that he might propose then, but knowing that he wanted to have a really romantic, special moment (his words, not mine), I had decided that I really just needed to put things out of my mind. Whether or not he proposed, I knew that Andrew loved me more than anything, so I needed to stop fixating on the shiny/party part of things and just enjoy being in a loving relationship.

So as soon as I made that decision, he proposed. 🙂 Four hours after my flight landed at Sea-Tac, he drove me to a huge public park near his apartment and walked me down to the beach of Lake Washington. As we stood underneath the curtain of a Weeping Willow tree’s branches, listening to the waves lap the pebbly shore, Andrew got down on one knee, smiled up at me, and asked: “Rebecca Rawls, will you be my bride?” Then he held out a tiny origami ring that he had made himself, and after I threw my arms around him, hugging him and crying and nodding my head, he told me that he had made an appointment with a local jewelry store for us to shop around together for the ring.

Though it would be hard to top that moment, the rest of the weekend did its best to live up to the proposal’s surprise. When we finished at the jeweler’s (still no ring, but we’re taking our time and looking around before we settle on something), we headed down to Pike’s Place Market. Because it was so late in the day, most of the shops were closing up, but we did find this great little restaurant called the Steelhead Diner, where I ate a delicious steak and had locally brewed beer and we generally celebrated. The night finished out with sharing an ice cream cone on the pier while we watched the sun go down and then a quick drive by the Space Needle. It was a perfect, perfect day.

We spent the rest of our visit driving the Olympic Peninsula, hiking first the beach–

–then the rainforest,

bedding down at the Lake Quinault Lodge–an exquisite lodge that’s nearly a hundred years old and right on the lake–then hitting the road the next day.

We wound up missing the turn for Hurricane Ridge but stumbled into Port Angeles. Though we had wanted to see the ridge, Port Angeles was beautiful. We got there just in time to wander around their local farmers market and grab some lunch before taking the ferry back into Seattle.

I know that every weekend can’t be as amazing as that one was, but I’m sure glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with the person who helped make it so wonderful.


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