Our Daily Thanks – Day 5

Today was a difficult one. After being up all night with the baby boy and having to take him to his first day of day care, it was a long day of general exhaustion and difficult emotions. But tonight when I lay down on the couch, Miss Daisy decided that I needed a good old fashioned cuddle. Nothing quite compares to the sweetness of stretching out with an adorable pup. I’m thankful that she’s always happy to see me.



2 thoughts on “Our Daily Thanks – Day 5

  1. Rebecca! I wondered when you were gonna get back to blogging. Congrats on His Adorableness. This whole “Daily Thanks” thing is a good idea! I always forget because of “Daily Work” and “Daily Sleep” 😉

    • Thanks! When you’ve got a 24/7 alarm clock who doesnt care that you need “Daily Sleep,” you find yourself with some extra time on your hands. I’m hoping to get back to some more solid work on my novel, but this is a nice stopgap for the time being. 🙂

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