Our Daily Thanks – Days 13, 14, 15, & 16

I had some trouble posting from my phone, so I got a little backed up. Here’s a recap of this week’s moments of thanks.

Our Daily Thanks – Day 13

So I was thinking over the day and trying to decide on what to write about, and as I was ruminating, I had a sort of unusual revelation: I was incredibly thankful for the super thin, super fit woman who was killing it next to me at the gym.

Like most women, I’m not super happy with my post-pregnancy body. Things are droopier or softer or much flabbier than I had left them, and with the body image problems I had struggled with pre-pregnancy, it’s been difficult to reconcile my frustrations. To combat those issues, I joined a 10k training program and have several 5k events lined up to help motivate me to get out and get back to running like I was before I got pregnant.

So there I am at the gym, feeling, let’s face it, a little sorry for myself and trying to focus solely on my form in the mirrored walls and not my body, and there’s this woman beside me just killing it on an ab routine, a lifting set, a cardio burst. Cue me feeling even worse about my body and even more frustrated–until I realized that she was sweating bullets, working hard, and possibly even doubting herself the way that I have. And as I worked on my sets, I became increasingly grateful for her because she reminded me that a healthful life is one that requires hard work and determination. Even if I’m starting over with my fitness goals, even if I’m happy with my current body, I have the power to make make changes and create a better self.

Our Daily Thanks – Day 14

Today was an easy one. Despite a year of looking, I still haven’t found a full time job in my career field, which means that my husband is currently our primary breadwinner. Without him, I don’t know where I’d be. Today he worked late, just like yesterday and the day before–and as he will in the coming months because he has a big set of drawings due at work. I’m so grateful to have someone who is truly a partner, who supports me, supports our family and does so out of kindness and a willingness to sacrifice for others. There isn’t much more I could ask for.

Day 15

Today I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers and that a woman reached out to help me out of the genuine goodness of her heart.

Day 16

I am so, so thankful for our pediatrician, who never seems to mind our constant rather frequent calls with questions and who has gone out of her way to help us. I’m equally thankful for every person who staffs that office; they’ve given us a safe space where we feel welcome and comfortable. After my struggles with medical care during pregnancy (let’s just say that I didn’t feel respected), I’m incredibly grateful that we have such a wonderful medical practitioner.


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