Our Daily Thanks – Days 17 & 18

Our Daily Thanks – Day 17

Today I was incredibly thankful for the blossoming friendships that Andrew and I are establishing with some people here in town. After a glorious, if a tad strenuous, 4 mile run this morning, we texted our friends and asked them to meet for lunch.  Lunch turned into seeing the site where our house is being built turned into movies and beer and playing with the Wee Baby C. It was a wonderful afternoon, and I was so grateful to spend time with these lovely people and explore new friendships.

Our Daily Thanks – Day 18

Today I am insanely thankful for my pjs and my ratty old oversized sweatshirt. At about ten o’clock last night, I started to feel that scratch in my throat. That, oh God, oh no, oh please no, sort of scratch. So I popped some Zicam and hoped that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, I had no such luck. I spent most of the night tossing and turning because of my burning throat, and I woke up congested, aching, and feverish. After my parents and nephew, who were visiting for a few hours, hit the road for home, I crawled into my baggy-in-no-way-attractive comfort clothes and crashed. Now I feel cuddly and cozy–though that could, of course, just be the fever.

And in the spirit of Real Simple magazine’s #WomenIRL (women in real life) campaign, here’s a glimpse at what the sick Rebecca wardrobe looks like.



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