Our Daily Thanks – Day 19

Today would have been an incredibly easy day to just give up and wallow in misery and/or self pity. After a night spent tossing and turning, unable to sleep because of the drainage burning my throat or all of the lovely coughing my lungs were insisting on doing or the fever that kept sending me back and forth between chills and sweats, I was not a happy camper. Couple that with a 2 hour wait at the doctor’s office and the day was a recipe for a very, very grumpy Rebecca.

But one thing that I’ve learned over the past few years is that a thing doesn’t have to be some big, grand gesture for it to be good. My friend Shannan always says that every day there is at least one thing that you do that can be called great. Some days that great thing is simply getting out of bed; on others, it’s something a little grander like volunteering. Regardless, if you can focus on that one great thing that you did, you can use that to guide your day and remember the positivity.

I think that being thankful for things works in kind of the same way. You don’t have to make some huge gesture of thankfulness with a speech extolling the virtues of your partner or how grateful you are for the virtues of the first amendment (though those things are certainly things worth mentioning and worth being thankful for) to experience a moment of thanks. So, today, despite the smallness of this moment, I can say that I am simply thankful that after two hours at the doctor’s office, after the rude receptionist, after the woman who forgot to input my appointment into the system and thereby making my wait time even longer–after all this, I do not have the flu. And for that I am quite grateful.


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