Professional Work

On this page you’ll find samples of my professional work. These examples include documents produced during various positions and written excerpts from presentations that I’ve delivered verbally, as well as automated versions of presentations that I designed, developed, and ultimately presented to various groups.


Academic Writing Sample – Excerpt from “Smoked Down to the Filter”

Press Release – Spartanburg Regional Maternal-Fetal Accreditation  

Press Release #2 – Take a Book Program


So You Want to Go to Med School

This is a presentation that I used when speaking with freshman students and their parents/families during orientation. The goal of this presentation was to provide students/parents with some background information on what they could expect during their time at Wichita State University, specifically with respect to their coursework and how our Premed advisors would work for them.


iAdvise: Strategies for Implementing a Paperless Workflow

This is a presentation that I co-wrote with Nancy Krehbiel and that we presented at the Kansas Academic Advising Network’s 2013 annual conference. Our focus was on helping other universities determine the best methodologies for helping their departments work toward a paperless advising system. Our presentation was awarded “Best of” for the conference and will be presented by Nancy at the 2015 regional conference.


So Now You’ve Got an iPad

This presentation was given to first year athletes enrolled in Wichita State University’s PASS class. Thanks to a generous donor, all athletes are provided with an iPad to use during their 4 years of schooling. The goal is for them to have a mobile device that will help them stay on top of their schoolwork as they travel during their active season.  I was asked by the course instructors to come and speak with the students about a few of the different ways they could put their new tablets to use.


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